Knowing how to photograph the beauty of flowers, quite an art

Knowing how to photograph the beauty of flowers, quite an art

At no moment, Philippe Sainte-Laudy does not seek to transcribe reality: to sublimate nature is the objective of the photographer. If some purists swear by its exact representation, he focuses from the shooting on what could be the final result, already extrapolating on the potential he can draw from his shots: ” The photography is a mental construction before being a reality (…), a creative moment started with the shooting and which continues naturally in post-production. »So, it is therefore without any complex that he gives a free interpretation of nature by using all the post-production tools at his disposal, including the powerful Photoshop, filters and textures, the Orton effect or paintography in order to achieve an aesthetic alchemy.

His favorite themes are the photos of landscapes, flowers, forests, near or far, where our gaze is lost in the contemplation of his photos from which it emanates a great poetry, an emotion. On his site, Philippe Sainte-Laudy generously offers tutorials (like the Orton effect Where the use of textures) who reveal some of his tips; and get lost in reading his blog to long course will be a source of inspiration and will unveil a few others. But, wide-angle or macro, what the photographer aims is above all to share and to raise awareness the greatest number to the beauty of our Planet in order to protect it.


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