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Travel to the heart of the Australian depths as if you were there

Take a front-row seat on an underwater exploration expedition off the coast of Australia. The Western Australian Museum takes you to discover the Ningaloo Reef.

The depths of the seas and oceans are full ofamazing species. A veritable reservoir of still little-known biodiversity, the Ningaloo Reef has recently been the subject of several visits by members of the Western Australian Museum. Dr Nerida Wilson and her team embarked on a series of dives aboard the remote-controlled SuBastian submarine, capable of descending to more than 4,500 meters deep. On the program: cartography of the region, sampling ofEnvironmental DNA (DNA) but also dissemination of the splendid images captured during their trip.

New marine species

The distribution and diversity of marine flora and fauna appear to be directly correlated with water temperature. This is why the team’s strategy is to explore hot areas in order to find new specimens. Recently, they are no less than 30 new species which had been discovered using the Falkor research vessel, of the Schmidt Ocean Institute. Discover the images of the SuBastian expedition, commented by the members of the crew.

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